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We worked together to design a program that was fit for purpose and delivered outstanding returns.

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Our senior management team has come together amazingly and we speak truth with each other now which we previously didn’t.


With extensive experience in running and advising businesses, there is one thing we at Red Emu Advisory know for sure – the way you engage your people is the key to delivering superior business performance.  Selecting, developing and challenging your people and then providing healthy leadership is the key to your own success.

We have a fundamental belief that all employees arrive at work every day wanting to do a good job. When that is not happening, an organisation needs to ask ‘have we created the right climate and do we have the right people, in the right jobs, doing the right things?’ Are leaders aligned and communicating the same clear message? Are they consistent in how they guide and direct their teams? Is the organisation structure fit-for-purpose and aligned with strategic goals, or has the structure evolved around its people? ​

We help you create the environment that
enables your people to do their best work

Jodie Williams
Jodie Williams
Keith Gordon
Keith Gordon
Rob Ashley
Rob Ashley

Jodie Williams

Although Jodie has many years of experience working with Leaders throughout Australia and Asia, and a career built on strong foundations of organisation psychology, it is her ability to connect with people and understand what makes them tick that our clients love.

Whether its working with individual leaders to help them be the best they can be, or with teams to help them remove the invisible barriers to performance that sometimes build over time, Jodie brings her authentic self to our work and that is reflected in the results our clients achieve with her support.

Jodie has a deep love of animals and the environment and is supported at home by her kelpie, Chief, who is her late night companion as she turns around work for our clients.

Keith Gordon

As a seasoned CEO and Company Director, Keith has a lifetime of lived experience in aligning people and strategy. Our clients can benefit from lessons learned and Keith’s ability to bring Executive experience to the work we do sets Red Emu apart.

With a deep understanding of the pressures that today’s leaders face, Keith works with leaders and teams to help them answer “what’s important right now?” and “what are we going to do about it?”. With a focus on tangible outcomes, Keith helps Leaders mobilise their organisations to deliver on a common purpose.

With a passion to explore, if Keith is not working with our clients, you will find him in a far-flung part of the world soaking up a new experience.

Naomi Noble

Naomi’s leadership practice is grounded in a rich background in education so she brings a very different perspective to the Red Emu team. Following roles with a number of high profile schools focused on lifting the performance bar, Naomi established her own consulting business working with leaders in a coaching capacity as well as supporting them in improving team effectiveness.

Naomi has experience in working across a range of sectors and with many different types of organisations and is energised by helping leaders to be the best they can be.

Naomi hails from a farming background and like many country people is very grounded – a calming influence on the Red Emu team!

Rob Ashley

Rob’s consulting career has been underpinned by a passion for helping leaders understand how they impact the climate their team’s experience. With a particular focus on supporting leaders and teams to reach their performance potential, Rob has had great success in helping our clients build their leadership capabilities and enhancing employee engagement.

Rob is an accredited coach and certified across a wide range of diagnostics which allow him to work with our clients to apply data driven insights to outcomes that create healthier organisations. Rob’s approach to working with individual leaders and teams has been recognised through nominations for national awards and, he ensures that we build lasting relationships with our clients.

When Rob is not working closely with our clients he has a diverse array of interests including travel, hiking and social sport but above all enjoys socialising over good food and wine with friends.