Engagement Surveys

“My experience with Red Emu is one that is positive for the entire organisation, challenging no doubt, but in a very good way.”

“We still have a way to go, we have challenges coming, but Red Emu is going to help us get through it.”


Industrial Products Company

Understanding what employees really think and feel about working for your organisation is a key piece of the puzzle in working out what leadership teams need to focus on. Whether its removing barriers, dealing with frustrations or leveraging brilliance, effective Engagement Surveys will provide clarity and insight into what is really going on in your organisation.

Red Emu partners with a number of survey platform providers. Importantly, we will tailor the solution to the specific questions you have about your organisation. Anyone can conduct a survey. The insights, and alignment to business drivers, we are able to draw from survey results is what sets Red Emu apart.

The Leadership Teams of our clients are reaping
the benefits of investing in themselves: